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 'Indigenous futures': I am familiar with the work of Grace Dillon in coining the concept of Indigenous Futurisms to "envision Native futures, Indigenous hopes, and dreams recovered by rethinking the past in a new framework" and wanted to apply those thoughts to new piece of art. Having been greatly inspired by the manga works of Masamune Shirow and his cyborg epic of "Ghost in the Shell", dealing with the ethics and usage of artificial intelligence and the concept of existence, I wanted to explore similar themes reflecting my Tongva heritage. My piece is an homage to my favorite sci-fi artists and authors who have explored these science fiction truths that are gradually coming into our lives through technological advancements. What do we know about our pasts, our creation myths and stories that inform the world we will encounter in the future? How did our ancestors vast knowledge surpass what we are collectively trying to gather in the present? We are made of stars and will return to stars. Our past is our future, and our present reflects both worlds.


This is a pre-order for "Indigenous Future" design. The print will be a foil print, so all green tones in the image will be mirrored green foil.  print size is 11 x 14" and will ship late August 2023

"Indigenous Future" FOIL print

expected to ship late August 2023 (Or approx 2 weeks after order)
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